FAFSA Reminder:

All new and returning students need to fill out the FAFSA to ensure proper distribution of your financial aid.

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Applying for aid is simpler than you think.

Earning a Loyola online degree is an experience that will transform not only your career path but your life.

We believe a top-ranked Jesuit education is something that should be accessible to all qualified students. We want to make sure you have all of the information and resources you need to make a confident investment in your future.

Understanding the Costs


Loyola’s 100% online programs are designed to be flexible and affordable. As you consider the best options to finance your degree, it is important to first understand the total cost. All online programs – at both the undergraduate and graduate level – charge tuition by the credit hour. The total cost of your program will depend on how many credits you have remaining to complete your degree.

Online Tuition and Fees

Ways to Pay


You may or may not have already considered how you will cover the direct costs of your education – tuition and fees – and also the indirect costs (such as books and supplies). There are a variety of payment options available to students attending Loyola’s 100% online programs, and choosing the options that work best for you and your life plays a critical role in your ability to succeed. Our teams are here to assist you in understanding your options and securing the funding you need not only as you begin your program, but through the completion of your degree.

Online Ways to Pay

Submit the FAFSA


Completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the first step in applying for federal grants and student loans – you don’t have to wait for an admission decision to submit yours!

Both new freshman and transfer students often have questions about the application process. We have compiled resources and helpful tips to guide students new to Loyola’s 100% online programs through the application process and answer common questions, including:

  • Tips and instructions on filling out the FAFSA online
  • How financial aid eligibility is determined
  • Requests for additional documents

Online Check your Eligibility

Finalize Your Award


Once your application is complete, the Office of Financial Aid will email you the strongest financial aid award package we can offer. Because attending a program 100% online is a unique experience, we have tailored financial aid processes specifically to meet the needs of our online students.

We recommend everyone – especially transfer students – take time to familiarize yourself with these processes so you know what to expect while attending your online program at Loyola. Please note that financial aid processes, such as aid disbursements and refunds, are different from school to school.

Online What to Expect

We’re here just for you!

Attending classes 100% online is a unique experience, so we have a team completely dedicated to our undergraduate- and graduate-level online students! We are here to assist you in funding your online program, from start to finish.

Kaitlin Harper-Loendorf
FAFSA/Financial Aid Counselor
Assistant Director of Online Financial Aid
Email: kmharper@netplanna.com
Phone: 504-358-0286
Let me know if you have questions or concerns, or need any assistance.

Latasha Hales
Online Student Support Specialist
Email: lrhales@netplanna.com
Phone: 504-383-4393
Let me know if you have questions or need assistance with other funding, like payment plans or employer reimbursement.
You can look forward to a Welcome Call from me once you're admitted!

Looking for someone else?

Kathy Gros
VA certifying official
Email: kgros@netplanna.com
Phone: 604-865-3239

Student Financial Services (Billing) Office:
Email: sfscenter@netplanna.com
Phone: 504-865-3333

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Resources to keep you going

You're a few steps closer to joining the Wolf Pack as an online student! We're here to help you along the rest of the way with the following resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about timelines, available funding, or changes in your information? Explore our FAQs to find answers to some common questions.

Tuition & Fees Calculator

In order to help you better understand and plan for the cost of your Loyola education, we’ve created a calculator that you can use to estimate the cost of your tuition, as well as potential fees and expenses.